Exposicoes vss: Space cameras take photos and video of the Earth

Friday, December 13, 2013

Space cameras take photos and video of the Earth

After three years of work , the Canadian company UrtheCast finally gave the key to the beginning of its operations deadline: November 25 took off the Russian freighter carrying cameras that transmit the pictures and videos from the International Space Station.

The focus of the company is creating a service that delivers materials " near-live " of the Earth from space, using two cameras, with one supporting the video capture resolution UltraHD .
The cameras, currently en route to the ISS will be installed outside the structure on a spacewalk during the week before Christmas. Some weeks later they start sending images obtained during almost 16 times that orbits the Earth every day.
As described by the company in place , the lenses of cameras UrtheCast cover everything latitudes between +51 ° and -51 ° , so that, in the case of America, get images from Canada and even Chile.
In the case of photographs , will cover a width of 40 kilometers , where a pixel is five meters. In the videos, which have an average of 90 seconds long , is UltraHD resolution ( 4K ) where each pixel represents one meter.
The material will not be obtained "live" as there will be a delay of between 45 minutes and two hours for shipping from space. On average , are expected to process 200 GB UrtheCast daily information.
While access to the material be free ( with the possibility to receive notifications when the camera to capture images of points of interest to the user ), it will access paid designed for companies where they can select the camera to point to certain locations so preferential . For example , the UN and was planning to use the service to track the evolution of natural disasters.

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