Exposicoes vss: Small Westie impregnates a Rottweiler

Friday, December 13, 2013

Small Westie impregnates a Rottweiler

They say love has no limits, and two dogs of England are the perfect example.
Joey , a West Highland Terrier, looks like a small bear. Zara , a rottweiler, is at least two times larger than Joey , and looks strong and fierce.

But their differences were not marked enough to remove them and Zara recently gave birth 11 puppies sired by the small, but very clever , Joey. Puppies are now known as " Wotties " , local media reported .

 Teresa Patterson , owner of the dogs , was surprised when he met the strange pair had mated and did not know what had happened until the dog began to give birth.
" Zara did not know what to do and I started to cry when puppies began dating . Joey did the rest. Zara was not interested, but Joey 's cleaned and would not let anyone approach them , " Patterson told The Press .
Unfortunately , four of the puppies died. The other seven were adopted .
The Kennel Club UK organization that registers births breeds and dogs indicated that , although it can not guarantee that this mixture had not been given before, it is the first time they hear a case, the average reported .

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