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Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Ways in which men express their feelings

Men talk , on average, a third of what we speak, and generally tend to be much more reserved with their feelings.
 It's rare that a guy openly discuss your feelings and therefore have created a very good reputation for cold .

The reality is that both men and women , are emotional human beings , ALL feel the same way , the only difference is the manner and frequency in which we express it , depending on the personalities of each person.
If you're in a relationship with a guy who does not usually say much , check out these other signals they use to let you know they are in love , engaged and happy to be with you :
1. more Actions
Men are much more practical than we are, so their actions are what count most , and are manifested in very simple things , like being there . If your guy always comes , always with you , always wants to see you , make time to see you, take you to dinner where you go to see your aunts , go with you to the museum, IS is a great demonstration of affection.
Two . solve Problems
When you have a problem with a friend ... expect empathy when a man listens to solve a problem is proposed . If your guy is attentive to your problems and help you fix them to the extent of its possibilities is a way to express your love and concern for you.
Three . physical contact
A kiss stolen van while walking together says more than a love you. Men often show their affection through actions , hold hands , kiss , hug while walking , open the door ... pay attention to these details but do not stress if you are not very affectionate , this issue is a matter of personality. Just as there are women who tend not hug her friends there are kids who are less emotional than others.
April . Listen to what you say
When a guy is interested pay attention to your words and it shows you with details that may seem small . If a day comes to a movie once mentioned you like to see , or take you to a new restaurant to eat organic food because you said you liked , or remember the birthday of your best friend when you have seen only once ... all that's why you are paying attention and that's because he cares . It is a clear demonstration of affection.
May . Looking to make you smile
Men do love being responsible for your smile and when they are interested in you will do everything possible to see you smile . This means that although they do not say with words or feel to have lengthy conversations notros as we will do all the above in a consistent and meaningful , just to see you smile.

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