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Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Ways in which men express their feelings

Men talk , on average, a third of what we speak, and generally tend to be much more reserved with their feelings.
 It's rare that a guy openly discuss your feelings and therefore have created a very good reputation for cold .

The reality is that both men and women , are emotional human beings , ALL feel the same way , the only difference is the manner and frequency in which we express it , depending on the personalities of each person.
If you're in a relationship with a guy who does not usually say much , check out these other signals they use to let you know they are in love , engaged and happy to be with you :
1. more Actions
Men are much more practical than we are, so their actions are what count most , and are manifested in very simple things , like being there . If your guy always comes , always with you , always wants to see you , make time to see you, take you to dinner where you go to see your aunts , go with you to the museum, IS is a great demonstration of affection.
Two . solve Problems
When you have a problem with a friend ... expect empathy when a man listens to solve a problem is proposed . If your guy is attentive to your problems and help you fix them to the extent of its possibilities is a way to express your love and concern for you.
Three . physical contact
A kiss stolen van while walking together says more than a love you. Men often show their affection through actions , hold hands , kiss , hug while walking , open the door ... pay attention to these details but do not stress if you are not very affectionate , this issue is a matter of personality. Just as there are women who tend not hug her friends there are kids who are less emotional than others.
April . Listen to what you say
When a guy is interested pay attention to your words and it shows you with details that may seem small . If a day comes to a movie once mentioned you like to see , or take you to a new restaurant to eat organic food because you said you liked , or remember the birthday of your best friend when you have seen only once ... all that's why you are paying attention and that's because he cares . It is a clear demonstration of affection.
May . Looking to make you smile
Men do love being responsible for your smile and when they are interested in you will do everything possible to see you smile . This means that although they do not say with words or feel to have lengthy conversations notros as we will do all the above in a consistent and meaningful , just to see you smile.

Does smoking marijuana makes you breast men out ? Find out more here

Gynecomastia or enlargement of the mammary glands is a condition that affects 33 % to 41 % of men between 25 and 45

  It is most common during puberty even as it affects 60 % of men over 14 years. Interestingly , it also affects 55% to 60 % of hombresmayores 50.
While most are resolved in a couple of months to a couple of years , in 2012 , almost 23 thousand people had surgery to correct the condition .

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( ASAPS , for its acronym in English ) , this procedure ranked fifth in terms of the most common cosmetic surgery in men.
What causes Gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and elestrógeno . When the relationship between testosterone and estrogen is in favor of estrogen , the body responds by creating breast tissue . Therefore, breasts develop in men .
Animal studies have shown that exposure to the active ingredient in the marihuanapuede lead to a decrease in testosterone levels , the reduction of testes size and shape and abnormal sperm function .
In humans, the effects that marijuana has on the levels of estrogen and testosterone are not entirely clear . It has been reported that those who chronically use marijuana have lower testosterone levels than those who do not consume , but not all studies agree with this.
Few studies have been a direct causal effect between smoking marijuana and laginecomastia . A report in 1972 established the initial connection between cannabis and gynecomastia .
The study was compared with a study conducted in 1977 with U.S. Army soldiers , who did not show any relationship between smoking marijuana and gynecomastia . However, this study was limited because the sample was so small.
The legalization of marijuana in some states might enable researchers to determine the exact effects of cannabis use in hormone levels , gynecomastia and other bodily functions .
If there is a real link between smoking marijuana and Gynecomastia in reality , then we should expect to see an increase in treatments for gynecomastia in those states where marijuana legalization is approved.
So smoking marijuana can actually lead to the growth of breasts in men? Probably. Although the relationship between marijuana and Gynecomastia has not been proven conclusively , it seems pretty convincing.

Child cigarette addict before , today it is a food

A child who started smoking two years , is now addicted to food .

 Aldi Rizal , a boy of five years who lives in Sumatra , Indonesia, today weighs 24 kilos and is addicted to food . When he was two, his addiction was nicotine and smoked 40 cigarettes a day .

When local authorities discovered the "early smoking " in 2010 , the news leaked to media worldwide . A scene of asian boy driving a tricycle with a cigarette in his mouth invaded social networks.

Such was the outrage it generated, the Indonesian government launched a rehabilitation program in order to heal Aldi , who was subjected to a rigorous treatment in Jakarta , which consisted of two weekly therapies away from addiction.

"The child could quit, but started eating compulsively and uncontrollably ," say his parents , Diane and Mohamed Rizal , adding that in addition to feeding today with "junk" food , it takes up to three bottles a day condensed milk , reported elDailyMail .

Photo: AP

To monitor treatment , two years into the health authorities visited the family and found the surprise that the ' exadicto ' cigarette , now weighed 24 kilos .

The mother argues that her son, who is called in Sumatra " the smoking child " is compulsive and anxious and that it was supplying cigarettes to children , in order to calm him. What I never imagined was that Aldi would early addicted to nicotine.
The attending physician , William Nawawi explains that " nicotine stimulates the endocrine system in the body. This causes insulin resistance and that this is unable to process glucose . " So he made ​​a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and forbade the "junk" food .

But Aldi is not the only child with this problem in Indonesia, where smoking is overwhelming , because this country is the second largest producer of snuff in the world. 30% of the 80 million children living in that country adopted smoking after ten years , and 63 % of adult men smoke , so it ranks first male smokers in the world , according to official reports.

Efren Garzón , clinical psychologist, addiction expert and Director of the Center for Work Life Rehabilitation (Bogotá), told Semana.com addictions in children are difficult to treat, because " I still lack a cognitive knowledge allows them to understand a therapeutic process. "

The specialist says that one of the serious drug solutions , because their young age , they can not even get a rational cognitive therapy. " This is the typical case where the delete you addicted to nicotine , a picture of abstention is generated , which causes anxiety and child replaces nicotine intake by food , as any addiction is a deficit containment impulses. "

One wonders if in the case of Aldi , the cure was worse than the disease.

Small Westie impregnates a Rottweiler

They say love has no limits, and two dogs of England are the perfect example.
Joey , a West Highland Terrier, looks like a small bear. Zara , a rottweiler, is at least two times larger than Joey , and looks strong and fierce.

But their differences were not marked enough to remove them and Zara recently gave birth 11 puppies sired by the small, but very clever , Joey. Puppies are now known as " Wotties " , local media reported .

 Teresa Patterson , owner of the dogs , was surprised when he met the strange pair had mated and did not know what had happened until the dog began to give birth.
" Zara did not know what to do and I started to cry when puppies began dating . Joey did the rest. Zara was not interested, but Joey 's cleaned and would not let anyone approach them , " Patterson told The Press .
Unfortunately , four of the puppies died. The other seven were adopted .
The Kennel Club UK organization that registers births breeds and dogs indicated that , although it can not guarantee that this mixture had not been given before, it is the first time they hear a case, the average reported .

Space cameras take photos and video of the Earth

After three years of work , the Canadian company UrtheCast finally gave the key to the beginning of its operations deadline: November 25 took off the Russian freighter carrying cameras that transmit the pictures and videos from the International Space Station.

The focus of the company is creating a service that delivers materials " near-live " of the Earth from space, using two cameras, with one supporting the video capture resolution UltraHD .
The cameras, currently en route to the ISS will be installed outside the structure on a spacewalk during the week before Christmas. Some weeks later they start sending images obtained during almost 16 times that orbits the Earth every day.
As described by the company in place , the lenses of cameras UrtheCast cover everything latitudes between +51 ° and -51 ° , so that, in the case of America, get images from Canada and even Chile.
In the case of photographs , will cover a width of 40 kilometers , where a pixel is five meters. In the videos, which have an average of 90 seconds long , is UltraHD resolution ( 4K ) where each pixel represents one meter.
The material will not be obtained "live" as there will be a delay of between 45 minutes and two hours for shipping from space. On average , are expected to process 200 GB UrtheCast daily information.
While access to the material be free ( with the possibility to receive notifications when the camera to capture images of points of interest to the user ), it will access paid designed for companies where they can select the camera to point to certain locations so preferential . For example , the UN and was planning to use the service to track the evolution of natural disasters.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips to wear a long dress

Long dresses are very sophisticated, they are ideal for attending a corporate event or stylish celebration. This type of design usually ever get over well to most women because they are capases flatter any figure type creating a romantic and giving a sensual touch.
If you are thinking of using a long dress, do not miss these great tips to look to perfection.

If you want to increase several inches, the skirt of the dress should reach the ground or should end a little earlier. In otherwise only get to see more low and wide.

Long dresses tend to emphasize the fat that accumulates in the hip, for this reason you wear underneath a strip skin colored dress to hide the rolls and mark the waist.

If you have narrow shoulders and hips straples opt for dresses, these will sit very well. For women who have two types buxom flattering neckline: square neckline to conceal and to highlight heart-shaped neckline.

Finally you must be careful with supplements, if the dress contains snazzy accessories is recommended that only those necessary to avoid overloading the looks, if the dress is casual so if you can take supplements to complement the striking and looks.